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Get inspired by stunning architect-designed homes,
energy smart renovations, and bold entrance door designs.

1. Dream Big. Whether you are building a new home, replacing a large opening, or doing an addition, an expansive view has lots of impact. Maximize your views by choosing slim frames and minimal divisions in the glass.
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2. Inviting Colours. White is out and colour is in! Accent your home in any colour imaginable. Consider natural colours such as Espresso, Slate, and Bronze, and bold colours such as Silver Mist and Black for more architectural impact. On the front entrance, be bold, with saturated orange, green, red or yellow hues.

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Almond coloured triple pane casements with SDLs (simulated divided lites, or surface-applied grills).

3. Year-Round Comfort. Replace drafty, tired wood or aluminum windows with low maintenance, energy efficient fiberglass windows. Opt for a casement, which is a compression seal, over a slider where possible, for the best air tightness.
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4. Indoor-Outdoor Living. Bring the outside in, with ever larger walls of glass and clear openings. Consider a robust Sliding Door, a FiberWall wall of glass with the option of adding a swinging door, or even a Bi-Folding Door.

5. Make an Entrance. A statement entrance not only adds curb appeal, it creates a unique welcoming point for guests to enter your home. It is one of the best opportunities to make the home distinctly your own; whether it’s a rich woodgrain, a towering size; a bright pop of colour; or a creative design.
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6. Renew & Refresh. Whether you are looking to simply refresh the look of your home, or take on a large-scale remodeling, fiberglass windows give you full flexibility to achieve that look. Partner with an experienced window and door installer for excellent guidance, fast execution, and the highest quality installation.
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7. Classic Style. Fiberglass windows can blend seamlessly into classic or heritage homes. With full colour flexibility, elegant frames, wood interiors, and flexible grill styles, you can replicate the original look, and still benefit from the modern-day technology of triple pane glass and low-maintenance finishes.
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8. Healthy Planet. DUXTON Windows & Doors is proud to announce a full line of Living Building Challenge approved products, a rigorous performance standard that seeks to encourage sustainable designs and a healthy built environment. Products are manufactured to avoid the “Red List” or unhealthy building materials, including Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Whether you are aiming for a Net Zero, Passive House, Living Building Challenge, or simply excellent levels of energy performance, DUXTON is proud to support cutting-edge projects that will stand the test of time, and set the groundwork for future generations.
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