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Custom Shapes

The ultimate in design freedom – create a custom shape to suit the architectural style of your building. From contemporary sloped windows that follow the roof line, to beautifully detailed traditional church windows, your style is achievable.


  • Durable insulated fiberglass frames
  • Custom angles and curves
  • Very large units and configurations achievable
  • Custom grills available

System Compatibility

Series 325/458 - Custom Shapes



  • Inspiration
  • Interior / Exterior Options
  • Colours
  • Insulating Glass
  • Custom Shape Examples

Interior Options

Factory-applied jamb extensions

Drywall Return

A simple, clean detail, allowing the drywall to return to the window

½” Drywall Return U-Channel

¾” Drywall Return U-Channel


Real wood options to add a richness to the window. All wood interior options come unfinished, for the customer to stain or paint as they wish. Choose from Pacific Coast Hemlock, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, or request a custom wood type. 



Pacific Coast Hemlock

Cellular PVC

A low maintenance, pre-finished white interior finish that resists moisture.


White Cellular PVC


Exterior Options

All Perimeters and Brickmoulds are painted to match the frame, unless otherwise requested.


Simple, slim, most common choice of nailing fin
New Wide
Nailing fin that sets the window deeper into the wall, creating elegant shadow lines
250 Panning
Nailing fin that protrudes outwards 2 ½” to accommodate rigid insulation or other finishing exterior details such as brick
350 Panning
Nailing fin that protrudes outwards 3 ½” to accommodate rigid insulation or other finishing exterior details such as brick
Narrower profile that replicates wood window sills, with an optional nailing fin
Installation Clip
Attaches the window to the building envelope from the interior



Capping piece with elegant shadow lines that mimic millwork
Capping piece with simple, clean lines
Profiled with Sill
Mimics original wood windows, with a Sill Perimeter on the bottom, and Narrow Perimeter with Profiled Brickmould on three sides.


Colours are not always exactly as shown. Split finish (different exterior/interior colour) is available in most combinations.


colours-standard-white-1 colours-standard-espresso-2
White Espresso



colours-select-slate-grey-1 colours-select-almond-2 colours-select-brownstone-3 colours-premium-black-11
Slate Grey Almond Brownstone Black



colours-premium-chestnut-brown-1 colours-premium-charcoal-2 colours-premium-cranberry-3 colours-premium-cranberry-3 colours-premium-brick-red-4 colours-premium-cedar-5
Chestnut Brown
Charcoal Cranberry Zing Cranberry Brick Red Cedar
colours-premium-sage-green-6 colours-premium-evergreen-7 colours-premium-steel-blue-9 colours-premium-midnight-blue-10 colours-premium-bronze-12
Sage Green Evergreen
Steel Blue Midnight Blue Bronze



Silver Mist

Insulating Glass

DUXTON offers the widest range of insulating glass options – ranging from standard dual LoĒ all the way to Heat Mirror Quint Pane – to suit almost any requirement. We provide our customers with exceptional value and durability (20 year Limited Warranty), warm edge spacers, argon gas fill, and a family of LoĒ options.


Standard Features

  • Dual Pane (typically 7/8” OD) or Triple Pane (typically 1 3/8” OD)
  • Warm edge stainless steel spacer
  • Argon gas fill in all cavities
  • Choice of 1 or 2 LoĒ coatings
  • Choice of LoĒ coating type
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty


LoĒ Coating Options

All LoĒ coatings are available in dual or triple pane configurations as required.


LoE272Mid-Range LoĒ2-272

As the most popular choice amongst coatings, LoĒ2-272 delivers year-round comfort in all types of weather. In the winter, if reflects heat back into the room. In summer, it rejects the sun’s heat and damaging UV rays. With two layers of silver applied to the glass, this coating offers excellent insulation values with great visibility.

See details from the manufacturer


LoE366Solar Block LoĒ3-366

LoĒ3-366 is an excellent solution that prevents summertime overheating problems and excessive cooling loads. With three layers of silver applied to the glass, this coating delivers excellent insulation values and solar heat gain control, while maintaining good visibility.

See details from the manufacturer


LoE180Solar Gain LoĒ-180

With a glass U-value of 0.26 btu/hr•ft²•°F and an SHGC of 0.69, LoĒ-180 is an excellent product for passive solar applications. It blocks heat loss, while letting the sun’s heat stream inside. LoĒ-180 also lets in more light than ordinary Lo-E products – turn off artificial lighting and enjoy natural light.



See details from the manufacturer


Compare Visible Light Transmittance

Lo-E coatings combined with clear glass in a dual pane



Custom Shape Examples

custom-shapes-cathedral custom-shapes-circle custom-shapes-equilateral-triangle custom-shapes-extended-full-chord
Equilateral Triangle
Extended Full Chord
custom-shapes-extended-half-chord custom-shapes-extended-half-round custom-shapes-half-circle custom-shapes-hexagon
Extended Half Chord
Extended Half Round
Half Circle Hexagon
custom-shapes-pentagon custom-shapes-quarter-circle custom-shapes-triangle  
Pentagon Quarter Circle Triangle