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Series 850: Single Hung/Tilt Windows


Lift hardware designed for easy, long life operation. Half screen creates more dynamic appearance of decorative grilles in the upper sash. Superior value product with excellent performance on weather seal, structural, energy efficiency, low maintenance, design flexibility.


Shall be 850 Series Fiberglass, Single Hung Window Assemblies; Frames are 82.5mm (3-1/4") deep and in compliance with [CSA-A440.1 A3, B7, C4 and CSA-A440.2 Standards], [AAMA 101/I.S.2 Rating R65.]


All frame and sash profiles are made from pultruded fiberglass, having a nominal wall thickness of 2.3 mm (0.090") with minimum glass content of 60%. Non-structural accessory members may be vinyl or aluminum and identified as such.


Frame and sash corners are connected with molded reinforced polymer components and mechanically secured. Joints are factory sealed with silicone and neatly fitted together. Slider frame and sash is pressure equalized and drains to the exterior.


All exposed surfaces are coated with durable, Isocyanate-free, 2-part Polymer enamel with a minimum dry film thickness of 1.5 mils with a medium gloss of 25 - 55. Finish shall resist chipping, blistering, chalking, discoloration and aging under normal atmospheric conditions. Standard colors are White and Commercial Brown, Optional colors include Sand, Ivory, Bronze, Forest Green; Custom colors such as Silver and Black also available.


Locks One or two sets of die-cast cam locks with release latch and keepers. Two spiral sash balances for each sash (optional are stainless steel constant force balances), two pairs of tilt latch assemblies, two pairs of pivot bars, and integral lift pull or add-on lift handles. Sash opening restrictors are optional extra. Hardware is installed with fasteners into patented back-up reinforcing clips


Rain screen includes Q-Lon on the sash exterior and pile weather-strip at the mullion. Air barrier at the interior includes fin seal and fin type dust plugs, which ensure weather tightness.


All windows are glazed with 20 mm (13/16") insulating glass units. Glass thickness shall be in accordance with applicable Building Codes, but not less than 3 mm (1/8"). DUXTON recommends the use of double sealed insulating glass units certified by IGMAC or SIGMA. The full range of glazing options are available including IG grilles, low conductivity spacers, inert gas fills and glazing to reduce heat loss, solar heat gain and visible/UV transmission.

Glazing Method

Laid in glazing using polyethylene closed cell adhesive tape on the interior and a Fiberglass glass stop locked in from the exterior provides a secure and positive seal for the glass.

Insect Screens

Roll-formed aluminum frame with friction fit corner keys. Screen mesh Fiberglass or Aluminum.


Shall be performed by experienced installers in accordance with manufacturer's instructions and CSA-A44.4. Window shall be plumb and square after installation is complete and sealed to both interior and exterior walls with a high quality sealant around the perimeter of the frame. If perimeter cavity is to be foamed, additional anchorage may be required to prevent bowing. It shall be the responsibility of the installers to make all necessary final adjustments to ensure normal and smooth operation.

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