About Us

The development of DUXTON Windows & Doors began in 1999 with the considerate selection of the optimal window framing material, pultruded fiberglass.DUXTON Windows & Doors has chosen to focus on the manufacture of pultruded fiberglass windows and doors. DUXTON, based in Winnipeg, Canada, has the advantage of a challenging environment with temperature extremes of both very cold and hot. DUXTON has combined an expertise in high performance glass and high performance window frames to create some of the most leading edge window systems in the world. Experienced staff have combined window knowledge and design interest to create unique window solutions for a wide range of building projects, new and retrofit.

The founder, Al Dueck, developed insights into window performance characteristics during 20 years of window industry experience. Early experience and knowledge and strengths were gained with specific focus on high performance glass configurations (ranging from high to very low solar gain and unique quintuple extreme low U value configurations). Further insights into fenestration components were gained during 80's and 90's with the on-going evolution of vinyl and fiberglass window components. This became the basis of selecting pultruded fiberglass as the ideal window system material.

The development of DUXTON Windows & Doors began in 1999 with the considerate selection of the optimal window framing material, pultruded fiberglass. The material was chosen for its ideal strengths for fenestration as well as perceived growth as a material. DUXTON is one of the few window manufacturers in the world with a pure focus on pultruded fiberglass.

DUXTON also chose to build the business from the beginning with a focus on suitable, complimentary glass configurations. Triple or Dual pane glass with selections of clear or solar “block or gain” low e, inert gas and warm edge Super Spacer formed the basis of the window system building blocks. DUXTON has also chosen to provide an extended range of glazing options including Heat Mirror and Cardinal Glass featuring the unique XL warm edge spacer.

DUXTON's fiberglass window development program has included a broad range of finish options ranging from custom colors to stain-able wood interiors. A range of standard colors is available while color matching is also provided in suitable applications. The stain-able wood interior provides a unique option that combines the special advantages of pultruded fiberglass as a base but offers the unique beauty of wood.

DUXTON window development has also focused on the development of a range of modular window accessories which allow designers and building professionals to adapt the product to a wider range of applications. A selection of perimeter and brickmoulds allow the windows/plane of glass to be placed further “in- or out-ward” within the wall system, depending on the situation.

DUXTON project managers, supported by CAD detailing by project, work with designers and specific project to specifically fit the product to the building. The DUXTON goal is to qualify the suitability of DUXTON windows and then work to find the best possible solution within budget requirements. From inception, DUXTON has worked with unique projects - Airdrie Environmental Education Center to Mountain Equipment Coop (LEED Silver certified) to Ocean Sciences Center in Logy, Newfoundland – and continues to work closely with feature projects such as Riverdale Equilibrium (www.riverdalenetzero.ca).

DUXTON Windows & Doors are distributed through select distributors in various parts of Canada and the United States (specific focus on central and northern regions) and select international locations. Please contact DUXTON for a distributor located in nearest your project.