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Make a statement with your doors. FiberWall™ Swinging Doors can project any style, with amazing size capabilities and finish flexibility. With a rigid insulated fiberglass frame, a high quality fiberglass panel, and even multi-point locks, FiberWall™ delivers excellent thermal performance and durability. For major impact and natural light, consider a door within a wall of glass using complementary FiberWall™ windows.

FiberWall™ Swinging Doors are also suitable for multi family or medium-high rise applications. The durability, thermal performance, and design pressures combine to offer an excellent solution for apartments or condominiums. In large openings on balconies, the doors connect seamlessly to FiberWall™ windows for slim sight lines and great views.


  • Strong pultruded fiberglass frame
  • Smooth or Woodgrain insulated fiberglass panels
  • Low maintenance, thermally broken sill that won’t rot
  • Lo-Profile Inswing Sill available
  • Heavy duty ball bearing hinges
  • Dual or triple pane glazing

Functional Options

  • Fixed or Venting Sidelites
  • Fixed or Electric Opening Awning Transoms
  • Inswing Tilt + Turn Doors Learn more about Tilt + Turns
  • Astragals for Double Doors to leave a wide, clear opening
  • Disappearing Screens or Storm Doors

FiberWall™ inswing or outswing doors
with endless design flexibility

FiberWall™ Family of Products

  • 458D – 4 5/8″ depth
  • 658D – 6 5/8″ depth

System Compatibility

Connects to FiberWall™ 458 & 658 Fixed for striking walls of glass.

Sidelite Options

A sidelite can be manufactured in a number of ways:

1 All Glass

Choose an All Glass sidelite for maximum glass area. It works in most applications, since the All Glass sidelite can be made to many different custom sizes (Specify FiberWallTM Fixed Series 458/658).

SHOWN HERE Series 458 Inswing with All Glass 9 1⁄2 x 82” Sidelite in Espresso, 3-Panel 34×80 Shaker, Triple Pane 272 Argon Wide Reed patterned glass, Narrow Perimeter, Flat Expander, Multi-Point Lock with Large Modern Plate, and Dumont Lever in Satin Nickel

2 Sidelite Panel

Choose a Sidelite Panel for a more traditional look, where the sitelines of the door panel are the same as the sidelite panel. Sidelite Panels are only available in limited sizes and styles, so they may not always fit your opening. Sidelite Panels that are 14” and wider can also be made into venting sidelites.

SHOWN HERE Series 658 Inswing Frame in Slate Grey with Venting Sidelite Panel in Custom “Desert Twilight”, 2-Panel 3/4 Lite 36×80 with 14×80 Full Lite Sidelite Panel, Narrow Perimeter, Flat Expander, and Multi-Point Lock with Lever in Satin Nickel.

3 Venting Casement

Choose a Venting Casement sidelite for fresh air. This Series 458 Casement is robust enough to achieve sizes up to 98” tall, and widths from 15 3/4 to 36”. This is a great solution when your rough opening does not accommodate a standard sidelite door panel (specify FiberWallTM Casement Series 458 or Series 658 planted).

The hardware on the Venting Casement is ergonomically side-mounted, meaning that the crank is at the center point on
the vertical portion of the frame. Similarly, the two camlocks are placed above and below the crank.

SHOWN HERE Series 658 Inswing with Planted 458 Casement in Charcoal, 1-Lite 42×96 Panel, Triple Pane 366/180 Argon glass, 250 Panning, and Hook Multi-Point with Medium Pull in Black.

Shown with Closed Casement:

Shown with Open Casement:

See it in action!

Transom Options

Yes we can! Unlike some door systems, we can customize transom windows to just about any size. The transom connects cleanly to our swinging door frames using FiberWallTM Fixed Series 458 or 658. To get fresh air, you can even choose a FiberWallTM 458 Awning to add fresh air above your door, but consider an electrically operated Marvel operator so you have better access to it.

Glazing Options:

  • Clear glass (in any dual or triple pane Low-E configuration)
  • Textured glass
  • Glass with SDLs (Simulated Divided Lites)
  • Glass with Internal Grills
  • Custom decorative glass (contact us for details)

SHOWN HERE Series 458 Inswing with Venting Casements and Transom in Slate Grey, 42×96 Panels, Custom Lexington Glass, Narrow Perimeter with Flat Expander, and Emtek Disk Rosette with Helios Lever in Satin Nickel.

SHOWN HERE Series 458 Outswing with Fixed Sidelite and Transom (Clear) in Charcoal Out/ Espresso In, 36×80 Flush Glaze Panel, Triple Pane LoE-272 Argon Glass, Narrow Perimeter with Flat Expander, and Multi-Point Lever with Modern
1.5 x 11” plate Athena Lever in Satin Nickel.


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In response to architect- driven visions, DUXTON has developed entirely unique solutions for doors that challenge industry standards of scale and design.

view collection...


The eye-catching appeal of the Classic Collection lies in its deceptively simple elegance. Its judicious aesthetics endow an enduring charm that will span generations.

view collection...


Craftsman style in every detail; recessed panels and embossed edges, with architecturally correct stiles, rails and panels.

view collection...

Obscured Glass


Narrow Reed



Wide Reed


Simulated Divided Lites (SDLs)

Simulated Divided Lites offer the most impact, as they are applied on the surface of the glass (interior and exterior), with internal grills inserted between the glass panes for added depth. SDLs offer an excellent solution when the aim is to replicate true divided lites.

Choose from flat, profiled, or a combination of flat and profiled to replicate a simulated sash. Available in ANY Standard or Premium Colour.

SDL Widths Available:

Flat 3/4"

Flat 1"

Flat 1 1/2"

Flat 2"

Profiled 7/8"

Internal Grills (IGs)

Internal Grills offer an easy-to-clean, cost effective solution for adding a grill pattern to your windows and doors.

Choose from a variety of flat or profiled IGs.

Internal Grills Available:
Some options will differ by product line, contact us for more information.

Flat 5/16” in White, Black, Bright Gold or Pewter1

Flat 5/8” in White, Espresso, Black (min. qty. required), Brownstone or Bright Gold1

Profiled 11/16" in White, Espresso, Black, or Brownstone.2

1Split finish (different colours inside and out) are not available.

2Split finish (different colours inside and out) are available in certain combinations.

Decorative Glass

Make your entrance door stand out, with Decorative Glass that suits your style, brings in natural light, and balances the need for privacy.

Novatech Decorative Glass Trimlite Decorative Glass Mini Blinds

*Standard sizes only. Most styles are available in dual pane only.

Insulating Glass

DUXTON offers the widest range of insulating glass options – ranging from standard dual LoĒ all the way to Quad Pane – to suit almost any requirement. We provide our customers with exceptional value and durability (20 year Limited Warranty), warm edge spacers, argon gas fill, and a family of LoĒ options.

  • Dual Pane (1” OD) or Triple Pane (1” or 1 5/8” OD) depending on style
  • Warm edge stainless steel spacer
  • Argon gas fill in all cavities
  • Choice of 1 or 2 LoĒ coatings
  • Choice of LoĒ coating type
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty
full details...


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Select one colour for the frame and the panel, or a frame colour and complementary panel colour. Custom colour matches are also available as required. Colours are not always exactly as shown. Split finish (different exterior/interior colour) is available in most combinations.





Slate Grey




Chestnut Brown


Duxton Red


Brick Red


Sage Green


Steel Blue

Midnight Blue


Silver Mist


*Applies to Door panels only.
*Colours will vary from images shown.
*Door styles are available in any stain colour, but often limited grain types. Please inquire with a Project Manager for options.

Cherry Red





Limited Release


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Consider your hardware! Magnets and Multi-Point Locks are customer favourites, with hardware at the top, middle, and bottom of the door panel.

full details...

Exterior Options

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Select from a variety of aluminum perimeters, which are attached to the exterior of the frame for installation purposes.

Note: All doors require installers to fasten 3 1/2" long screws through the hinges and into structural framing.

Box Unit

Frame only with no nailing fin. Install through-frame.


Simple, slim, most common choice of nailing fin.

New Wide

Nailing fin that sets the door deeper into the wall by 2", creating elegant shadow lines.

250 Panning

Nailing fin with added 2 1/2" depth for rigid insulation or brick.

350 Panning

Nailing fin with added 3 1/2" depth for rigid insulation or brick.


Select from a variety of aluminum brickmoulds, used in renovation projects to cover installation screws, or to emphasize the doors by outlining the frame.


Most commonly used contemporary capping piece, available in 1" or 1 1/2".


Capping piece with elegant shadow lines that mimic millwork.

Interior Options

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Factory-applied jamb extensions

1/2” Drywall Return U-Channel

3/4” Drywall Return U-Channel

Drywall Return

A simple, clean detail, allowing the drywall to return to the window.

Pacific Coast Hemlock



Real wood options to add a richness to the window. All wood interior options come unfinished, for the customer to stain or paint as they wish. Choose from Pacific Coast Hemlock, Oak, Maple, Mahogany, or request a custom wood type.

White Cellular PVC

Cellular PVC

A low maintenance, pre-finished white interior finish that resists moisture.


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General Reference

SERIES 458D & 658D - FiberWall Swinging Door - Dimensions (Frame, RO, BM) View
SERIES 458D and 658D - FiberWall Swinging Door - Specifications View
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Series 458D Inswing

SERIES 458D - FiberWall Inswing Door - Cross-Sections.dwg View
SERIES 458D - FiberWall Inswing Door - Cross-Sections.pdf View
SERIES 458D - FiberWall Inswing Door - Thermal Performance View

Series 458D Outswing

SERIES 458D - FiberWall Outswing Door - Cross-Sections.dwg View
SERIES 458D - FiberWall Outswing Door - Cross-Sections.pdf View
SERIES 458D - FiberWall Outswing Door - Thermal Performance View

Series 658D Inswing

SERIES 658D - FiberWall Inswing Door - Cross-Sections.dwg View
SERIES 658D - FiberWall Inswing Door - Cross-Sections.pdf View
SERIES 658D - FiberWall Inswing Door - Thermal Performance View

Series 658D Outswing

SERIES 658D - FiberWall Outswing Door - Cross-Sections.dwg View
SERIES 658D - FiberWall Outswing Door - Cross-Sections.pdf View
SERIES 658D - FiberWall Outswing Door - Thermal Performance View


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